Friday, October 14, 2011

Archangel Michael In Progress

As soon as I complete this I will put it on my drawing blog.

This might very poor French.

Danell's Emotional Rollercoaster

How's this for the ecstasy and agony of sports:  Danell Leyva went from giving a "Holy Kleenex, Batman, I Think I Just Came" incredible performance on the high bar for the team competition from Tokyo on one evening, to (I think) hitting his chin on the bar during a fall off the high bar on the following evening.

Clip of Danell owning the high bar:
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I saw the end of the team competition but the Americans had finished already.  However, Danell's performance on the high bar was so spectacular that they replayed it at the end.  I was like, "Are you kidding me?"  It was really something.  I fortunately did not see the fall last night and I say fortunately because I'm sure I would've been bawling.  I'm thinking Universal Sports will replay this competition this weekend so I might still get to see it.

Performing or falling, Danell always makes it big and memorable!  Here they interview him after the competition and he's back in good spirits after I'm sure he released a lot of anger on something, somewhere.  Such a beauty his is.

Watch more video of World Gymnastics Championships Tokyo 2011 on

Great Moments In Eye Makeup

This is from an advert for some new TV show.  Of course I was attracted to the absolute overdone-ness of it all.  I'm sure I was looking like this on some post-bar weekend days, eyes still heavily made up from the night before, bawling at the emotional climax of "The Hottie and the Nottie."

Monday, October 10, 2011

Eli Is Packing In Front And Back

UGH!! You could not ask for a more horribly timed interception.  Sunday's game involved the Giants making another rally to come from behind.  Under two minutes left and they had the win within their grasp, but argh...just slipped away...however, the game did produce two nice pictures of Eli.  4-1 would be nice but 3-2 with a side of Eli Manning's package is acceptable.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Sign Spotted Along Santa Monica Blvd Stroll!

I like this picture you sent, Frankie.  Of course my first thought was, "No vending?  This must be directed at the dear little hustlers."  Doesn't everything lead me back to thoughts of hustlers and their fantastically scandalous lives?

I'm not sure where you spotted this but I think they should be posted up and down Santa Monica Blvd just to add an extra element of lawbreaking to picking up hookers.  Do men still prostitute themselves along Santa Monica?  I should go walking down there one Saturday to check it out.  Actually no, that would involve being in the sun and being around humans, two things that give me a headache. 

Fringe Moults Again

Every season, Fringe comes back as something slightly different than it was the previous season.  I like this.  The tone is much more morose (not overly, but slightly) this season.  Poor Walter doesn't have his spark without Peter to give him joy in his life.  He is like a depressive that is functioning but who has that underlying feeling of despair that leads one to irrational acts like the horrific one he attempted last night.  You can justify any outlandish or desperate act if you don't really care about anything.

Olivia and Faux-livia/Bolivia are a highlight.  Olivia doesn't even try to hide her disdain for Faux-livia, her perfect antagonist.  I don't think we've seen this side of Olivia before.  Of course we've seen her irritated but such outright dislike?  New facet!  I think Faux-livia gets a total kick out of getting under Olivia's skin.

Didn't Alterna-Broyles get killed?  I suppose during all these corrections to the timeline his death somehow didn't occur...Faux-livia mentioned having a conversation with him in the 9/30 episode.

We like Lashes McGorgeous Eyes, aka Agent Lincoln Lee, in the Walter universe more than the Walternate universe.  He almost represents the home viewer taking in all of this with a bit of wonder and disbelief.  Plus with Agent Charlie Francis dead/MIA, he is very nice eye candy.

Have I mentioned I love the zeppelins?  I love the zeppelins.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Feverish Dreams Of Paul Ryan Lead To Rambling Nonsense

Rep. Paul Ryan paced slowly back and forth in his office.  He was having trouble keeping his mind on his work as he felt that familiar but inconvenient feeling coming over him.  It started as a warm tingling in his chest that then began to spread all over his body; his overwhelming love of country couldn't be suppressed.  He began to unbutton his blue twill shirt, exposing his black chest hairs peeking out of the neck of his white undershirt.  His breath quickened as he slid his hands lightly down the soft cotton fabric.  He glanced at the door to make sure it was locked and made his way over to his chair.

Paul began to massage his firm thighs through the creased and starched fabric of his khakis.  He let his mind wander.  The thought of private insurance companies getting a huge windfall from all those senior healthcare vouchers caused a stirring in his pants.  He spread his legs a little to accommodate his growing erection.  "Unregulated rate increases, limited services, arbitrarily dropped coverage...unhhh...," he moaned as his hand moved closer to his cock.  He resisted the urge to go for his zipper and gently stroked his hard dick through his pants.  "Yeah, baby, the stock market...unnhhh, oh yeah...privatize that Social Security...yeessss...don't worry, baby, it's safe"

Paul felt himself getting close to the edge.  He grinded his hips against his hand and felt the pressure building in his crotch.  "Oh God, unnnh, God...class's...directed at the poor!  Oh God, oh yeah!!"

"Let them eat caaaaaake!!"  he shouted as he shot a wad of cum inside his creased and starched khakis.

Random Giants Rambling

Is there anyone on the Giants team that isn't injured?  I'm calling VooDoo on this.  Somebody check Romo's locker for poppets.

Okay, the game is supposed to be on Fox this weekend, but that's what they said last weekend and, huh there was no game.  Stop toying with me, Fox!  If it's one of those Fox Cable channels, specify please!

Eli's QB rating is currently 105.6 which I think is a good thing. **snickering**  Last game he completed 67.5% of his passes (Yay! for Eli!) for a total of 321 yards.  (Apparently the 300+ yard games are kind of common this season though.)  I don't know, I'm getting a good feeling about this season.  We'll see how the injuries affect things this week. (Osi AND Justin Tuck? Sheesh!)

Eli's pants are most flattering.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

...And The Rest Of The Team Also, I Mean...

I suppose dear Eli Manning is back in NY's good graces after back to back wins to make up for losing the opener.  Last week's win was NOT due to Vick having to leave the game (he did seem to be taking a Cutler-esque beating)!!  The Giants were hot from the start of the game, shocking everybody who was certain the Eagles had this game in the bag.  Eli gets no respect!  Even after he threw for 4 touchdowns last week (Offensive Player of the Week!) and the Giants beat the Eagles pretty handily, I'm sure they aren't projected to win tomorrow.  I always love the underdog!  Vs Arizona Cardinals Fox 10/2

No butt shots today, but I thought Eli looked pretty darn good in these shots.

Put Down That Key Lime Pie!

What, you thought you were finally feeling comfortable with your body?  A few extra Fig Newtons never hurt anybody, right?  Well take a look at these glamazons teetering down the runway in sky high ankle busters and get ready to re-embrace anorexia!!  But not bulimia, nobody likes puke breath.  Excuse me while I snack on my flavored water and a Tic Tac.